Welcome to the home page for Process Acceleration Innovations. This website is currently under construction, but will soon contain information about innovations that accelerate businesses and software development. But to provide you a glimpse of what’s coming, here’s a short summary:

Process Acceleration method for substantially accelerating your business

Process Acceleration is a proven and innovative method for substantially improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes. It goes beyond evolutionary iterative improvement methods like Lean Six SIGMA and makes it even possible to “calculate” wasteful parts in your process, based on the true and desired end results of your business.

SPADE for the fastest way of creating end to end software solutions

The SPADE (SMART Process Acceleration Development Environment) probably the most innovative and high end software development tool in the world. You can create custom made professional Java based software solutions on average 20 times sometimes even 200 times faster then current day conventional software development. SPADE is able to do this because it is the only development tool that is able to transform desired business results (business requirements) to optimal business process designs as well as matching designs for the software that supports those business processes. From these SPADE is able to program and for the most part test this software automatically. SPADE makes sure that the created system is a professional system that takes care of all sorts of non-functional requirements such as security and maintainability.

SPADE is currently being used by a select number of organizations but will be made available for the public in the coming years.

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